Special Educational Needs and Disability Community

Posted: Saturday June 27 2020

By: Sophie Dimond

Times have been increasingly difficult and isolating due to covid-19 with many resources being withdrawn, so while in lockdown I created Special Educational Needs and Disability Saturday, which I host on my instagram every week.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Community Together and SEND Saturday 

This is a community where special needs parents can come and virtually meet other SEND families, who might be in a similar situation to them. I said when I first started it that if I could just connect a few families together then I would be happy but within a few weeks hundreds of SEND families have connected, offered or received advice and support from other families, had a chat and made friends. I have created group chats for families to chat in where every one supports each other and reaches out if they need someone to talk to, and each week is seeing more and more SEND families connect.

Now I am wanting to take this even further and help to be a voice for all of these families, I read each day about the diffrent things families can go through and know myself the things we can face. So id love to hear from you! What change would you like to see, what would make daily life that little easier as a special needs parent? Lets make the change together!

An uncertain path lies ahead due to covid-19 and an especially difficult one for those in the SEND community but we must remember we are not alone and we are in this together.

Id love for you to join me on Saturday for the weekly SEND Saturday event, head to my instagram at @sophieoliviad, I can’t wait to see you there!

You can also contact me via email at soliviadimond@gmail.com or join my Facebook group through MMB Magazine by clicking the picture or clicking here.

Special education with SEND Sophie Dimond and MMB Magazine