Reboot your life in 2022. Do One Thing!

Posted: Thursday January 13 2022

By: Abbie Coleman

2021 was another difficult year for all parents an as we head into 2022 things still seem uncertain don’t they? Perhaps we were more prepared for home-schooling second time round (despite 24 hours’ notice!) but it has been a tough time.

Reboot your life in 2022. Do One Thing!

By Dr Geraint Evans

With 2022 looking to be another year we have to balance our careers, family and interests in the face of another wave of COVID it can be hard to feel like we can justify any time to think about ourselves or what we want to achieve this year. However, with the need to continue to function during a global pandemic now very much ‘business as usual’ I believe you have every right to do so if it feels right for you.

If you are keen to recalibrate where you are going in your career going into 2022, then try the following:

  1. Carve out some time with your partner or someone who can support you to find a few hours where you can get some time for yourself. Go wherever makes most sense to you – a quiet reflective place, a busy café you can lose yourself in – but do try to get out of the house or office.
  2. Reflect on how you feel 2021 has gone for you. Some people just do this in a simple ‘What worked / what didn’t format’, other likes to use things like SWOT analysis – others like to just free-write down what they are thinking.
  3. Analyse this and reflect on what themes you are seeing come through – did you meet your objectives / new year’s resolutions for 2021 – if not, why not? Try to – as hard as it is, and I know from personal experience it is tough not to ‘judge’ yourself in doing this exercise.
  4. Now think about 2022, now write down what you would like to have achieved this time next year?
  5. Consider what you might want to change? Are you happy in your current job? If not, what might need to change for you – a promotion, a change in focus or the same job but for a different company? Or maybe it is turning that side hustle into more of a full-time focus?
  6. How are you going to achieve what you want and how can your network support you?
  7. What parts of your personal life would you like to change? Perhaps there is a hobby you loved but you’ve stopped doing? Do you want to find more time to exercise, to have some space to reflect like you are at the moment?

Hopefully in going through the above you are feeling certain patterns emerge and goals emerging from it. However, one thing I consistently find in my coaching work is that no-one is the same and we all approach things differently, so again don’t judge what is emerging for you in doing this. It is perfectly ok to just conclude that you don’t want to push yourself too much in 2022 with everything that is going on.

If you are returning to work after a period off how do you want to approach things? How are you going to make sure you balance family and personal commitments to make it a positive experience for you and everyone involved?

If you are up for a reboot in 2022 then take what you’ve worked on and come up with a simple action plan to get there. What areas of your ‘personal brand’ could you improve for example – finally sorting out your LinkedIn profile in January would be a great start. Equally re-joining that gym or beginning to do more family outings with your family are all valid ways to build some momentum.

Good luck, keep going and I hope 2022 is an amazing year for you and your family.


About the author
Dr Geraint Evans has spent the last 20+ years as an award-winning marketing/digital consultant, delivering work for major brands. He now coaches and consults with a variety of business leaders, start-ups and large companies. An award-winning academic author and researcher and a regular writer for publications such as Forbes. His new book, Do One Thing (Pearson, £12.99) is on sale now. Find out more at or by following on Twitter @DrGeraintEvans.